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Kirill the Conqueror Kutcherevski   28.02.2015  

Klever school - May be the school of foreign language with good good teaching stuff. Each lesson brings a lot of fun. Apart from usual exercises also happen different games and practice with unknown people from other countries. Lessons goes unnoticed because completely sink therein. It is all merit of a teacher . Also at Klever school you an opportunity to go to a foreign country with a small group of people to practice your language. (It isn't free). In general at Klever school you have all opportunities to learn language. 

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Kirill Melnik   27.02.2015  

I don't know what topic to choose for the work. So I tell you about an exciting experience in the Klever school. From the first lesson, I realized that this is swindler full place where you can cheerfully and simply learn English. Each lesson-a mix of exciting games and painstaking study of the language, which is given in the form understandable to all. The archers and stuff of the school are very friendly and clever people.

Group work is a very important aspect on our life, exercise groups in Klever school helps to develop this.

On the Halloween and New Year holidays were wonderful lessons.

Unfortunately I have to leave from Klever school. But I was filled with atmosphere. Thank you Klever school for everything.

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Дарья   14.01.2016  

Учить английский очень интересно,весело и доступно.Учителя находят подход к каждому.Каждый урок-это что-то новое и интересное,где ты можешь практиковать свои знания в общении с носителями языка.


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